A night in Sarn Meyllteyrn

24 02 2011

Imagine the scene…

It’s a dark windy night and you’re in a Ford Fiesta making your way down the winding roads through Pen Llŷn ( the Llyn Peninsula). You drive through deserted villages where light pours out through bedroom windows as people shelter from the cold. Once you reach the next speed limit sign the streetlights are gone and you drive in complete darkness with only cat’s eyes in the road to guide you on your way.

You drive round a tight bend with a stone hump-bridge and then down a steep hill which curves into a hairpin bend, then back up a hill which takes you so high you can almost see Ireland. 

Finally you arrive at your destination, a bend in the road, and off it a road up a hill where you see a light shining at a doorway.  People loiter at the door of this pub in jovial spirits and they welcome you with thick North Walian accents. You walk inside to a room heaving with people and through to a back bar where people are dancing as if their life depended on it to this…

Cowbois Rhos Botwnnog – Merch y Mynydd (Daughter of the Mountain)


Christmas is coming / Mae’r Nadolig yn dod

8 12 2010

I’ve been walking in the snow singing Christmas carols to myself, mainly in Welsh (because those are what we learnt in school.) Here’s one of my favourites sang by Welsh band Brigyn (you might recognise it.) 

Rydw i wedi bod yn cerdded yn yr eira canu carolau Nadolig i fy hun. Dyma un o fy hoff ganeuon Nadolig gan Brigyn

English Translation:

The White Star is in a fist of steel,
And a shadow of a gun over Bethlehem,
No white angel singing “Hallelujah”.
Raising the walls, closing the doors,
Turning their backs on the value of the miracle,
So dark is the night on the streets of Palestine.

Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah.

There’s a barb-wire circling the cradle,
And a scar where once was the World’s creator,
Hope is weeping – on it’s knees.
Guilty – each and every one of us,
Holding Mankind’s coat –
While he destroys every trace of “Hallelujah”.

Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah.

The night is dark, The night is long,
Yet there are some that see the truth,
They know the message is more than words;
That from the darkness comes the dawn,
and the music brought the walls down.
There came the hour for us to sing, “Hallelujah.”

Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah.

Hotel Shampoo

8 11 2010

Gruff Rhys has amassed enough free shampoo bottles to build a hotel.

Gruff Rhys will be live in the Sugar Club, Dublin on Dublin on November 15th.

Finding the Floe

7 10 2010

I used to be a HUGE Floetry fan and would repeatedly play their first album, Floetic, much to the annoyance of my housemates. Although they released other material I think their first album was their best and I’m still partial to a bit of ‘Say Yes’ and ‘Getting Late’.

 In 2007 I read that  Natalie Stewart had left Floetry, but the group was still touring as Marsha Ambrosius and American Amanda Diva – however,  it seems they couldn’t continue Floetry’s success.

Where are they now?

Well it looks like the two have albums coming out on the same day – November 9th.

Marsha Ambrosius’ album Late Nights & Early Mornings album is set for release on November 9th:

Natalie Stewart aka The Floacist makes her return with new single, Forever, featuring Musiq Soulchild and her album, The Floacist presents Floetic Soul, is also available November 9th:

Both are getting good reactions from critics, it’ll be interesting to who does better in the charts.

Dwi’n gwrando ar / I’m listening to…

10 09 2010

Dwi’n hoff o Cerys Matthews ag yn ffan o’i cherddoriaeth. Dyma un o’r caneuon o’r albwm Tir:
I’m a big fan of Cerys Matthews and her music. Here’s one of the songs from her latest album Tir:

Mwynhewch / Enjoy

Launching the Fringe

17 08 2010

I’m very excited about the 16th Dublin Fringe Festival – ABSOLUT Fringe. I went to the festival programme launch last night and got a chance to meet some of the performers, including a friend I have not seen for 2 years.  It was a lovely evening with lots of vodka and colourfully creative people in a room which looked like a school disco (retro).

This year’s ABSOLUT Fringe offers 460 performances in 40 venues across Dublin and a common thread running through this year’s festival is what brings people together and how it defines them.  A major highlight of the festival will be Ponydance, the comedy dance troupe who will surprise onlookers with pop-up FREE performances in 15 random public random locations such as streets, bars, offices

As well as some of the shows I think I’ll be hitting the festival club, because my experience of them at other festivals has always been full of fun. I’m intrigued by installation which will be on the River Liffey, so I will have to jump on my bike to take a look.

Of course the Festival will, as usual, provoke, amuse, astound, enrage, inspire, entertain and I can’t wait!

**I have to give the website a big thumbs up (www.fringefest.com), I know I’ll be spending time on there picking out a few shows I want to see.**

Dwi’n gwrando ar / I’m listening to…

28 07 2010

Dwi wrth fy modd efo’r cân yma ~ I love this song:

Tony Da Gatorra vs Gruff Rhys:
In A House With No Mirrors (You’ll Never Get Old)