10 thoughts for a Monday 11/10/2010

11 10 2010

1 I think this is going to be a great week (my birthday week)

2 There are a lot of magpies around at the moment. 1 for sorrow, 2 for joy…

3 Pregnant women in large groups are quite scary.

4 I would like to find a masterpiece behind my sofa (http://bit.ly/axAVug)

5 Justin Bieber has to be the most whiney musician in the world.

6 People get stressed over the smallest things, such as postcodes.

7 We actually have very little say on the final result of the X Factor – deal with it!

8 I would like a Fleur de Lis Tiffany Key for my birthday or Christmas.

9 I can’t look at social pictures without the song ‘Being a Dickhead’s Cool’ popping into my head.

10 I am always surprised by how little common sense some people have and how they manage to get by in daily life.


10 thoughts for a Monday 16/8/2010

16 08 2010

1 Shane MacGowan is not a healthy colour

2 I can’t stand Foursquare updates, especially on Facebook

3 Why do people video shows on phones or cameras rather than enjoying the moment.

4 Prawn cocktail crisps and hummus don’t really go together.

5 Castles in Ireland and Wales are very different. But this is a good thing.

6 Jack Lemmon was a good looking guy in his prime.

7 I didn’t know Russ Abbot was still alive.

8 Captan Morgan should sell their Dark Rum in Ireland.

9 I should go to bed before midnight when I have work the next day.

10 Why is the person you really, really want to talk to never on Facebook chat when I am?