The lazy weekend hangover

21 02 2011

I usually have one night out of a weekend, but with a weekend in Cardiff for the 6 nations match against Ireland fast approaching I decided to stay off the drink until then.

This morning I’m discovering that you can have a hangover without drinking.

I had lots of plans for the weekend – move my files from my old broken laptop to my new one, sort out my clothes and take some to a charity shop, scrub the bath and sink…and how much did I achieve? Zilch, zero, nada, nothing!

I stayed up late watching films then lay in through my alarm clock. I cooked lunch, decided to go to town to an art gallery and then spent a few hours cooking an elaborative dinner. None of these were on my ‘to do’ list and so I sit here thinking about the long list of things I need to achieve this week.

So much like a drink related hangover I’m left thinking “Why?” and regretting parts of my weekend, but thankfully my bank balance didn’t take its usual weekend hit.


Why I took to the streets of Dublin

29 11 2010

I love Ireland. It’s a part of my heritage (my mother is Irish) and I spent much of my childhood in Dublin going to school in Walkinstown for a year and spending my summers with my grandparents.

Since my first journey on the ferry from Holyhead I took as a baby I have seen Ireland change: the years when women sold lighters on Henry Street “four for a pound”, the opening of the new shopping centre in Tallaght, the switch to the Euro and later the boom years.

I moved to Dublin in 2007 to further my education. The city was doing well, but had lost much of the identity I remembered from my childhood. The women selling items from prams were gone, some of the Irish shops we used to frequent were replaced by big name retailers selling clothes at higher prices than the UK and the small corner shop with the family name was boarded up.

But in the years since I arrived things have turned again and you can see the changes all around you, from the closed shops to the increase in homeless people on the streets.

When I finished my course in 2008 I got a minimum wage job and tried to make ends meet. I could just pay my rent, but had little money for nights out or for trips back to Wales.  I got another job so I could have extra cash and ended up working from 9am to 11pm and arriving home at midnight. I have never been so tired in my whole life.

So when I heard the government plans to cut the minimum wage I was disappointed.  I can understand that there are people who are already struggling to make ends meet and now they’ll have to cut back even further.  I am angry that the Irish government’s methods of saving money attacks the people who can least afford it and doesn’t take enough from the overpaid fat cats who partied during the good times and don’t want to pick up the bar tab.

That is one of the reasons why I was one of those who took to the streets on Saturday to make sure the government know and the rest of the world can see that the people think that this is not acceptable.

Ddyledion Iwerddon

18 11 2010

Dylai pawb wedi clywed am sefyllfa economaidd Iwerddon erbyn hyn (er roedd un ddynes yn gwaith ddim ‘di clywed).

Rydw i newydd dathlu y trydydd pen-blwydd ers i mi gyrraedd ar yr ynys werdd yma, ac yn yr amser yna mae’r sefyllfa economaidd wedi mynd o ddrwg i llanast rhyngwladol.
(I weld lle mae pob dim yn mynd o’i le gallwchbwrw golwg ar y BBC yn erthygl am y sefyllfa.)

Nid yw bywyd y tu mewn i’r swigen mor ddrwg. Mae cyflogau yn dal i fod yn uwch nag yn y Prydain, person di-waith yn ei gael, fodd bynnag, ni ellir sefyllfa yma parhau fel hyn.
Mae llywodraeth Iwerddon gwario yn ystod yr adegau da ac ddim yn buddsoddi ar gyfer diwrnod glawog fel yr rhai sydd yn bodoli heddiw. Maent hefyd yn gadael i fanciau gael i ffwrdd â llofruddiaeth ac wedyn i sicrhau y banciau – ag Iwerddon oedd yr wlad gyntaf yn y byd i wneud hynny.

Fy marn i yw bod y llywodraeth Gwyddelig wedi pydru i’r craidd, ac er bod y llywodraeth Cymru ag Llundain yn bell o fod yn berffaith, rwy’n amau y byddent yn mynd i ffwrdd gyda hanner y pethau mae Fianna Fáil wedi gwneud. Beth bynnag, nid yw pob bys yn rhoid yr bai ar Brian Cowan, roedd Bertie Ahern gyda ran fawr i’w chwarae yn dinistrio’r economi Gwyddelig a llwyddo i gadael yn ddi-bai am yr sefyllfa mae Iwerddon mewn heddiw.

Felly, ar hyn o bryd o’r tu mewn i’r wlad dydi pethau yn ymddangos i fod yn rhy ddrwg, ond mae pawb yn barod i bethau waethygu cyn iddynt wella.

Aderyn Papur

9 11 2010

Es i ar daith i’r Gorllewin dros yr penwythnos. Cyn i bawb godi ar fore Sul cerddais i lawr i’r traeth tra’n gwrando i Alun Tan Lan. Calon llawn hiraeth am Gymru.

Seperado! yn dod i Dulyn – Seperado! comes to Dublin

19 10 2010

Mae ffilm Gruff Rhys ‘Seperado!’ yn dod i’r Ynys Werdd (HWRE!)
Mae cynhyrchiad Separado! gan y cerddor Gruff Rhys ar y cyd â’r cyfarwyddwr Dylan “Goch” Jones yn cael ei ddangos yn yr Irish Film Institute yn Temple Bar ar y 30fed o Hydref.


Gruff Rhys & the Irish Premiere of his documentary Separado!
Followed by a Q&A with both Gruff & and Director Dylan Jones
Saturday 30th October 2010, 7PM, IFI Cinema, Dublin.

“Star Trek meets Buena Vista Social Club in this psychedelic western musical as Welsh pop legend Gruff Rhys (Super Furry Animals) takes us on a pan continental road trip in search of his long lost Patagonian uncle, the poncho wearing guitarist Rene Griffiths.

Director Dylan Goch follows Gruff Rhys on a tour that takes in the theatres, nightclubs and desert teahouses of Wales, Brazil and the Argentine Andes as he discovers what became of his family, the Welsh Diaspora and its musical legacy.”

Be there or be square


10 thoughts for a Monday 11/10/2010

11 10 2010

1 I think this is going to be a great week (my birthday week)

2 There are a lot of magpies around at the moment. 1 for sorrow, 2 for joy…

3 Pregnant women in large groups are quite scary.

4 I would like to find a masterpiece behind my sofa (

5 Justin Bieber has to be the most whiney musician in the world.

6 People get stressed over the smallest things, such as postcodes.

7 We actually have very little say on the final result of the X Factor – deal with it!

8 I would like a Fleur de Lis Tiffany Key for my birthday or Christmas.

9 I can’t look at social pictures without the song ‘Being a Dickhead’s Cool’ popping into my head.

10 I am always surprised by how little common sense some people have and how they manage to get by in daily life.

Theatre outing take 2

29 09 2010

I’m a sucker for a freebie, so when I saw an offer for free tickets to a show at the Ulster Bank Dublin Theatre Festival I added my details and thought nothing of it until two tickets to Circa at the Gaiety Theatre came through my letterbox.

I didn’t read anything about the show before I got to the theatre, mainly because I didn’t have time, but also because a bunch of film critics once said at a Q&A session I went to that you should never read a review before you go watch something. So with an open mind I took my seat in the packed out crowd and waited for the show to begin.

I don’t want to spoil it but Circa has to be the best show I’ve seen this year. The combination of circus skills, dance and gymnastics is one of the most thrilling spectacles you’ll ever see. The simplest of movements become elaborate sequences you can’t help but watch while complex contortions are so fluid they look like anyone could do them.

The show is full of humor and plenty of moments to make you wince – a sequence involving a pair of sparkly red high heels sticks out in my mind. Expressions of ‘Oh my God!’ and gasps can be heard throughout the theatre – testimony of how far these performers go in the name of entertainment.

But, what a show! And if the standing ovation from the audience is anything to go by I wasn’t the only one to be blown away.

If you want a memorable show that’s worth every cent then Circa is for you.
Circa runs from the 30th of September until the 3rd of October. Tickets are available from or contact the Gaiety Theatre on 01 677 1717