Life is like eating cupcakes…

10 02 2011

Stay with me on this.

You might be thinking “How is life like eating cupcakes?”

Let me explain.

Cupcakes look delicious: the icing, the sponge that you know is beneath that icing, the burst of flavour and sudden rush of sugar to the system, but like much in life, once that initial pleasure is gone you realise it wasn’t as good as you thought it was going to be.

Sometimes you crave a cupcake for hours, days or even weeks, but you manage to get one and sink your teeth into that sugar filled goodness and, before you know it you feel sick because of the amount of sickly sugar you just ate. There are other times when the cupcake does the job and you feel contented with your belly full of cake, and this is much like the things in everyday life. Sometimes you work hard for that dream job or save all your money for a bag / a car/ a house, but once you have it they can leave you feeling happily contented or realising that the thing you have been craving isn’t all you dreamt it would be.

There are some people who like a plain cupcacke, no decoration just your basic ingredients with no frills. Then there are others who know what they want and don’t deviate from that goal of getting that cupcake. Then you have those who want to try every flavour by every company and change their mind about what flavour they want every time they’re asked. Do these not remind you of people you know?

What I think I have learnt from this, although I think it needs further consideration, is that  I should think twice about turning random thoughts into blogs in future.



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