Skin Savvy

25 01 2011

 I’ve been using moisturisers since I was 14 because I have patches of dry skin on my face harking back to my childhood when I suffered from terrible eczema. I also have very sensitive skin and have tried expensive products that feel like putting acid on my face, so no matter how expensive the cream I always return to my faithful Nivea Crème. I put a layer of it on my face before bed and I awake with my skin feeling fresh and less dry. 

As a nation we spend thousands on beauty lotions and potions to make ourselves look younger and more attractive, but I read today that researchers have found that eating your fruit and veg is not only good for your insides, they can make you look good too.

Researchers at St Andrews and Bristol University in the UK found that people with a yellow skin tone were seen as the most healthy and attractive people. They found that carrots and plums are rich in carotenoids which give your skin this yellow glow, making you appear more attractive and healthy. The fruit and veg that bring on this yellow skin hue include carrots, plums, mangoes, apricots, sweet potatoes and spinach. 

I’m not sure if yellow skin is more attractive than pink skin and if you eat too many carrots you could be more orange than yellow (although you wouldn’t look out of place on the streets of Dublin.) What about Afro Caribbean skin – I assume that doesn’t turn orange. 

My own personal view about beauty products is that the state of your skin is down to genetics and diet and no amount of whatever amount the latest beauty cream you use you can’t stop the aging process. What many of these products do is fill in the valleys on your face so there’s less of a shadow and so less of a visible wrinkle.

Let’s face it – a pot of cream is never going to make you magically look younger and if you don’t believe me listen to the scientists who dispute many of the big brand claims –




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