Looking back-Summer 2010

3 10 2010

Castlepalooza is my new favourite festival.

Bikes give you a freedom you don’t know you have until you’re freewheeling down a hill.

You soon realise how unfit you are when you have to cycle uphill.

There’s a lot of wildlife in a city.

Clouds of ash are an inconvenience.

I can still party all night.

It is possible to find free things to do in Dublin.

Friends are the new family, but there’s nothing like your family.

Kyaking is tough, but camping isn’t as bad as I remember.

Myspace is over and Facebook is on the way out – viva la Twitter.

Seeing your favourite artist  live is worth every penny.

There’s nothing like being with friends you have known since you were a child.

Fish are not as easy to look after as everyone makes out.



One response

5 10 2010
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