SM Anonymous

28 09 2010

Hi. My name is Cailín Cymraeg and I’m a social media addict.

My first dalliances into the world of social media were at my 6th form college where I discovered the internal chat system (which I think was on Pegasus). Then there was HI5 which, at the time, seemed to be a dating site more than anything, but now looking back I can see it was the original Bebo. I made a few friends on there, one of whom is still a friend and our relationship has developed onto Facebook where I can look at his wedding photos and the first pictures of his son ( please note – we have only met once).

Then as technology advanced I got myself a Myspace, Facebook and Bebo profile, then LinkedIn and Twitter accounts. Now I have more than one blog and a few which I’ve started and have failed. I kid myself that I use all these things to keep in touch with friends, but it’s more to get to know an ever increasing circle of acquaintances – although my real life friendships haven’t suffered as a result.

I spend my entire day on a computer and then come home and put on my laptop. Even tonight I told myself that I’d do something proactive with my evening, but here I am again reading as many status updates as I can and looking at photographs feeling slightly green with envy at the fabulous lives people I went to school and University have.

As I write this I realise how ridiculous this all is and that all I need to do is close my laptop and do something…but look, there are 15 new Tweets that need reading and someone posted a funny You Tube clip on Facebook – OK then, just 5 more minutes…





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