Launching the Fringe

17 08 2010

I’m very excited about the 16th Dublin Fringe Festival – ABSOLUT Fringe. I went to the festival programme launch last night and got a chance to meet some of the performers, including a friend I have not seen for 2 years.  It was a lovely evening with lots of vodka and colourfully creative people in a room which looked like a school disco (retro).

This year’s ABSOLUT Fringe offers 460 performances in 40 venues across Dublin and a common thread running through this year’s festival is what brings people together and how it defines them.  A major highlight of the festival will be Ponydance, the comedy dance troupe who will surprise onlookers with pop-up FREE performances in 15 random public random locations such as streets, bars, offices

As well as some of the shows I think I’ll be hitting the festival club, because my experience of them at other festivals has always been full of fun. I’m intrigued by installation which will be on the River Liffey, so I will have to jump on my bike to take a look.

Of course the Festival will, as usual, provoke, amuse, astound, enrage, inspire, entertain and I can’t wait!

**I have to give the website a big thumbs up (, I know I’ll be spending time on there picking out a few shows I want to see.**




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