Gimme Shelter

22 07 2010

In a past life I used to write gig reviews for a music website as a way to get into things for free. I saw lots of great musicians, sometimes met them and occasionally got free drink and all I had to do was write a few hundred words about it. (I was always honest – nobody can bribe this Cailín.)

As I mentioned previously in Music in the Rain,  I went to see Paloma Faith in Iveagh Gardens. I bought the tickets in advance as I knew her last show sold out and I didn’t want to be disappointed. However, I didn’t realise that the gig was an open air one (I should read things properly for a change) and was told no umbrellas would be allowed.

When I got there it began to rain so I put on my rain jacket and my friend and I stood under trees to keep dry. That’s when I heard the laughing. From a tent in the corner of the field the sound of people having a great old time was easily heard…well it’s hard ignore a woman who laughs like a Banshee.

We left the glum looking middle age couples in cagouls who were trying to keep warm and dry under trees which were next to some rotten smelling portaloos, and decided to go and investigate this mystical place of fun and frivolity. But, no…at the entrance to the canvas tent we were told we needed some special wristbands to gain access and so we were denied.

As I said, I’ve been on the other side of the fence drinking free beer and getting to know the other VIPs who have a tendency to talk loudly just to make sure they’re heard, but I’ve never been privilege to this kind of elitism – what I mean is, if you’re special then you get to stay dry. I am pretty disgusted that people who paid at least €35 a ticket had no form of shelter. Even the bar was open to the elements so you couldn’t even enjoy your drink, which you paid €5 for, without getting wet. C’mon people, how hard is it to put one more marquee up for the people who pay good money to see the show?

So we had to stand, in the rain and watch as trays filled with  a particular brand of larger were given out to these Very Important People and I sought solace in my wine which I was drinking out of the mini plastic bottle it came in so the rain wouldn’t water it down. As you can imagine, this was not a high point in my life.



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