Tuesday blues.

8 06 2010

It’s Tuesday, but boy it feels like a Monday. I had an interesting Bank Holiday (for the non- Irish we on the Emerald Isle have ours a week later) because I was moving house. I have to be upfront and say I hate the whole process of moving, from looking at houses and the whole ‘pick me, pick me’ mentality of it all (give me a job interview over a grilling from potential housemates any day) to moving ‘stuff’ from one place to the other.

I come from a long line of hoarders and so getting rid of things isn’t particularly easy. Saying that I’ve got rid of a considerable amount of stuff including two bin bags of clothes which I dragged to my local St Vincent De Paul. I still have four boxes of stuff to sort – which usually end up exploding all over the floor and then being stuffed into a drawer until I move again – but this time it’s going to be different. I will sort them out, I WILL!

I did manage to go and see The Killer Inside Me. I didn’t really enjoy it. I think it was too long, unnecessarily violent and although it’s described as a psychological film noir I think it lacked enough insights into the main character Lou Ford. Although there are fleeting flashbacks to his childhood, you never quite understand why he is the way he is and his reasoning behind the killings. I was actually bored at times and found it a bit too predictable by the end. The violence in the film has got people talking, but once you get past that there’s not much else of interest in the film.

I was also sad to hear about the death of former Stereophonics drummer Stuart Cable who was found dead at his home in Llwydcoed, south Wales. RIP.



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