Back so soon…

2 06 2010

I’ve been offline for a while, mainly due to my workload and the good weather, but now I’m back.

My Twitter followers will know that I’m in the process of moving house at the moment, and boy has it been a ‘process’. I moved into my current apartment in Dublin 6 last August and the prices then were low and I got a one bed apartment for not much more than the price of a double room. Since then, despite the media coverage saying that we’re deep in recession, rents have definitely gone up and you’re looking at €500 for a double bedroom. When I first rented a room in south Dublin I paid €400 and now I’m looking at paying €550 for a room the same size further away from town…it makes no sense.

In other news – I worked out that I can read twitter messages by and to me on the new look Google by searching updates. Today I found that this blog was mentioned in What’s On Stage’s ‘Best of This Week’s Theatre Blogs‘. I’m chuffed. Thanks.



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